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Hearst Shopper MarketING

 Magazines Move Products 

Your Products and Our Magazines Merchandised Together in a One-Stop Shopping Destination

With 4.5 million magazines sold at retail every month, Hearst leverages the trust consumers have in our brands to help our partners gain a competitive edge and drive incremental sales via joint, custom in-store displays.

Hearst Shopper Marketing programs are proven to:

  • Align CPG/HBA products with the authority, editorial credibility and endorsement of renowned magazine brands
  • Capitalize on loyal magazine readers to boost CPG/HBA retail sales
  • Engage magazine buyers who spend more at retail—Hearst readers spend more than 2X the national average at retail
  • Influence purchase behavior with strong call to action—joint purchase offer, instant savings
  • Differentiate product from crowded shelf space
  • Spur impulse purchases
  • Drive incremental inventory into retailers
  • Yield high compliancy rates in participating stores +90% compliancy rate
  • Offer turnkey management, provided by Hearst




Average sales lift for partners:

+15% increase product units

+15% increase product dollars




“The Cosmopolitan Shopper Marketing program resulted in very strong weekly sales—with display doors more productive than non-display doors. In fact, weekly unit and dollar sales rates of the featured products were the second best of the year.”

—Carol McLoughlin, L’ORÉAL PARIS