Examples in the United States include:


Your products and our magazines merchandised together in a one-stop shopping destination.

With millions of magazines sold at retail every month, Hearst leverages the trust consumers have in our brands to help our partners gain a competitive edge and drive incremental sales via joint, custom in-store displays.

Hearst Shopper Marketing programs are proven to:

  • Align CPG/HBA products with the authority, editorial credibility, and endorsement of renowned magazine brands
  • Capitalize on loyal magazine readers to boost CPG/HBA retail sales
  • Engage magazine buyers who spend more at retail—Hearst readers spend more than 2x the national average at retai/
  • Influence purchase behavior with strong call to action—e.g., joint purchase offer, instant savings
  • Differentiate product from competitor's with out-of-aisle display placement
  • Spur impulse purchases
  • Drive incremental inventory into retailers
  • Achieve high compliance rates in participating stores
  • Offer turnkey management, provided by Hearst



  • Designed to hold an ample amount of products
  • Placed in high-traffic store locations
  • Provides incremental visibility to drive awareness and trial

“Hearst was great about communicating key milestones throughout the program. From the initial steps of developing the promotion to the in-store execution, Hearst provided updates from start to finish. During the last two weeks of the program, we had a 142% increase in sales vs. the previous year.

“Without the Hearst Shopper Marketing team and the Food Network Magazine joint displays, we would not have had any promotions in key locations on the floor during the Easter season―an important sales period for Starbucks.” *

*Starbucks Shopper Marketing Manager – CPG Regional East