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Car and Driver

Car and Driver is the new-car bible. It is the ultimate destination for car enthusiasts and shoppers alike, because it tackles the big automotive issues of the day and evaluates vehicles with honesty, authority, insight and a wicked sense of humor.

With a total audience of 10 million readers, Car and Driver is the world’s largest automotive magazine brand, with expert content extending to online and mobile sites, iPhone/iPad apps, events, social media and digital products.

Intelligence, Independence, Irreverence

Rate Base 1,200,000
Subscription 1,140,813
Newsstand 67,400
Median Age 41.0
Median HHI $75,190

Sources: AAM Dec 2013; MRI Spring 2014


Cosmopolitan is the bible for fun, fearless females who want to live life to the max. Cosmo informs, entertains and surprises with its irreverent tone and groundbreaking coverage of the most important issues in a young woman’s life. Readers turn to Cosmo for the latest advice on what keeps relationships strong and sexy; new ways to stay healthy and get more pleasure out of every day; and the hippest, most flattering fashion and beauty trends.

The best-selling magazine in its category, Cosmo has 61 international editions, is published in 32 languages and is distributed in more than 79 countries, making it one of the most dynamic brands on the planet.

Fun Fearless Female

Rate Base 3,000,000
Subscription 2,120,241
Newsstand 895,617
Median Age 34.7
Median HHI $56,995

Sources: AAM Dec 2013; MRI Spring 2014, Base: Women

Country Living

Country Living stands at the crossroads where dreamers and doers intersect. At its core, it is a brand rooted in authenticity and connection. No matter where our readers live, whether in a big city, small town or somewhere in between, they’re drawn to an honest, thoughtful editorial voice infused with a dash of levity and a lot of soul—creating a connection that encourages and motivates them to take action. Whether it’s affordable decorating upgrades, approachable recipes, no-fuss entertaining ideas or easy craft projects, the content is uniquely stylish and inspiring.

Rate Base 1,600,000
Subscription 1,531,855
Newsstand 83,028
Median Age 52.5
Median HHI $57,794

Sources: AAM June 2014; GfK MRI Spring 2014

Dr. Oz The Good Life

Inspired by the optimism, curiosity and energy of Dr. Oz, we’re a new kind of healthy lifestyle magazine. Like the ultimate coach, we turn his can-do spirit into will-do action, motivating you and celebrating the changes you make. The magazine delivers “Oh, wow!” news and information for your body, mind and soul, plus our signature healthy dose of fun. Discover THE GOOD LIFE—it’s so good for you!

Good health is about filling your body with the energy and spirit to go after what you really want in life. To connect with people. To pursue your passions. To live for the journey, not just the goal. To allow yourself to be inspired, and pass along the same to others. We want this magazine to meet women where they are on their journeys, so that they can discover THE GOOD LIFE—and find health and happiness along the way.

—Mehmet Oz, M.D.


Rate Base (Jan/Feb-June) 700,000
Rate Base (July/Aug-Dec) 800,000
Median Age 48.9
Median HHI $66,043

Sources: GfK MRI Spring 2014, Base: Adults. Based on publisher’s prototype.



ELLE inspires women to explore and celebrate their own style in all aspects of their lives.

Our smart, irreverent take on fashion, beauty and pop culture is at once aspirational and accessible, encouraging readers to cultivate not just personal style, but the success that comes with personal power.


45 International Editions

21 Million Readers

6.6 Million Copies
Sold per Month

41 Websites

32 Million Unique

The World's Largest Fashion Magazine

Rate Base 1,100,000
Subscription 963,910
Newsstand 163,889
Median Age 37.7
Median HHI $70,055

Sources: MRI Doublebase 2014


ELLE DECOR is where style and design meet. It is the resource for the fashion-forward and the culture-obsessed, the journal of luxe living for those for whom great design is not an option—it’s essential.

The International Fashion Magazine for the Home

Rate Base 550,000
Subscription 479,996
Newsstand 78,073
Median Age 50.5
Median HHI $161,258

Sources: AAM Dec 2013; Ipsos 2013, Base: Adults


Esquire gets men.

Known for quality, innovation and cultural influence, Esquire is defined by its wit, authoritative voice and expert instruction.

Embracing topics of importance to men— style & grooming, food & drink, politics, entertainment and women—Esquire has demonstrated expertise that has garnered 15 National Magazine Awards, more than any other men’s lifestyle brand.

In seeking out emerging technologies, Esquire is the industry leader, providing revolutionary, first-to-market content experiences that merge the print and digital worlds.


Rate Base 725,000
Subscription 659,341
Newsstand 87,215
Median Age 43.4
Median HHI $70,376

Sources: AAM June 2014; 2014 comScore/GfK Media + MMX Fusion (10-14/S14)

Food Network Magazine

Powered by the electricity and magic of its celebrity chefs, Food Network Magazine has rocketed to success by bringing the excitement of the Food Network brand to print.

Fueled by consumers’ incredible demand for all things Food Network, it has revolutionized the magazine landscape by combining in one package the best of all worlds: food, star chefs, entertainment and fun.

This pop culture sensation attracts 11.5 million readers and is the third-largest selling monthly magazine at the newsstand.

Since launching in 2009, it has raised rate base 12 times and has captured the No. 1 share-of-market spot in the epicurean set in the past two years.

Where Stars Align

Rate Base 1,700,000*
Subscription 1,229,959
Newsstand 401,569
Median Age 41.9
Median HHI $62,876

Sources: AAM 1H14; PIB; GfK MRI Doublebase 2014. *Effective Jan/Feb 2015.

Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping’s team of world-class specialists (editors, scientists, forecasters and testers) is passionately committed to anticipating the wants and needs of one of the largest female audiences globally—sparking excitement and genuine inspiration with the top trends, smartest solutions and best-in-class products.

Powered by the expertise of our research institute, Good Housekeeping is your savvy, interesting (and interested!) tapped-in friend who understands what you need, surprises and delights you with what you want—and knows how to get things done.

Every month, Good Housekeeping connects with over 21 million women— in print, online, across our social communities, etc.—whose collective spending power moves marketplaces. What’s more, the authority and integrity of Good Housekeeping means that when we recommend a product, we give her permission to buy—over 75% of Hearst’s Amazon Affiliate traffic is driven by Goodhousekeeping.com, and our audience is 3 times more likely than the average consumer to convert to purchase.

Rate Base 4,300,000
Subscription 4,089,436
Newsstand 225,894
Median Age 55.8
Median HHI $62,119

Sources: AAM June 2014; GfK MRI Spring 2014

Harper’s Bazaar

A magazine doesn’t last 147 years by standing still. It endures by continuously reinventing itself, always striving to delight, inform and inspire its readers.

That is the story of Harper’s BAZAAR.

We are fashion. Both a visual muse and an unrivaled source of ownable style, we turn the unexpected into the coveted. As we have since 1867.

Rate Base 725,000
Subscription 641,228
Newsstand 113,618
Median Age 44.4
Median HHI $162,241

Sources: AAM June 2014; Ipsos Affluent Survey 2014

HGTV Magazine

HGTV Magazine is a fresh new home lifestyle magazine that gives readers inspiring, real-life solutions for all the things homeowners deal with every day—from painting to pillows to property values—in an upbeat and engaging way.

Inspired by HGTV’s exciting and entertaining programming, the magazine offers the value of insider advice from trusted experts, as well as the enjoyment of taking a look inside real people’s homes. Unique in concept and voice, HGTV Magazine is accessible, friendly and fun!

HGTV Magazine has the industry buzzing:
AdWeek Hot List Winner THREE YEARS in a row!
• 2012 min Hottest Launch of the Year
Ad Age 2012 A-List Magazine Launch of the Year
• ASME National Magazine Award Finalist

The Fun Begins at Home

Rate Base (1st half/2nd half) 1,100,000/1,200,000
Subscription 989,867
Newsstand 316,126
Median Age 46.0
Median HHI $72,488

Sources: AAM June 2014, Gfk MRI Fall 2014. Based on publisher's prototype of equally weighted HGTV viewers, Better Homes and Gardens, and Real Simple.

House Beautiful

A Beautiful Life Begins at Home

House Beautiful is the trusted authority on decorating, a destination for the best in shopping, and a champion of American style.

“Be yourself and follow your instincts. That’s what personal style is all about— how you entertain, furnish your home, live your life—that’s where House Beautiful with our design experts can help.”

— Newell Turner, Editor in Chief

Rate Base 800,000
Subscription 724,478
Newsstand 105,759
Median Age 53.5
Median HHI $156,659

Sources: AAM June 2014; Ipsos 2013, Base: Adults

Marie Claire

Marie Claire always asks, “How sexy can smart be?” Through the lens of fashion, beauty, work, play and thought leader conversations, it keeps women plugged in to the aspects of their lives that matter most. As the modern woman’s playbook, Marie Claire isn’t about “getting dressed.” It’s about “getting ready”— ready for anything!

Ready for Anything

Rate Base 950,000
Subscription 816,541
Newsstand 153,424
Median Age 39.83
Median HHI $73,788

Sources: AAM Dec 2013; MRI Doublebase 2014, Base: Adults



O, The Oprah Magazine

A 2014 National Magazine Award winner, O, The Oprah Magazine is a catalyst for confident, intelligent, affluent women who want to live their best lives. With an emphasis on personal growth, it engages and addresses every aspect of a woman’s life—the material, the intellectual and the emotional. It never talks down to women; rather, it inspires and challenges them.

An industry leader, O raises the bar—for women and for women’s magazines. Each month it forges a true emotional connection, unmatched in the publishing world, with 11 million desirable consumers.

Live Your Best Life

Rate Base 2,350,000
Subscription 2,077,987
Newsstand 307,212
Median Age 50.6
Median HHI $69,691

Sources: AAM June 2014; MRI Fall 2014, Base: Adults

Popular Mechanics

Over 112 years of continuous innovation with one constant: the unwavering editorial mission to engage the INQUISITIVE and inspire the INVENTIVE with HOW YOUR WORLD WORKS.

The Thinking Man’s magazine, Popular Mechanics covers a wide breadth of subjects, reflecting the shared curiosity of audience and editors alike. From today’s inventors to tomorrow’s change agents, makers and backyard geniuses, Popular Mechanics connects with over 10 million influencers looking to discover, explore and participate in the new wave of innovation enabled by emerging technologies, scientific breakthroughs and a fast-growing arsenal of creative tools.

How Your World Works

Rate Base 1,200,000
Subscription 1,127,602
Newsstand 90,987
Median Age 50.3
Median HHI $73,658

Sources: AAM Dec 2013; 2014 comSource/GfK MRI + MMX Fusion (05-14/F13)


At REDBOOK, we know our 7 million readers are smart, stylish and crazy-busy. These women are juggling work and family, and they’re constantly on the lookout for things that will make their lives easier and happier. They have a sense of humor—and a great sense of style. They want to wear a cute outfit, have a flattering, on-trend hairstyle, create a beautiful, comfortable home, and put something pretty, yummy and not diet-busting on their plates. REDBOOK readers are real women, and they turn to us for really useful advice for every aspect of their lives.

Rate Base 2,200,000
Subscription 2,105,089
Newsstand 101,587
Median Age 46.9
Median HHI $71,325

Sources: Demographic profile of REDBOOK subscribers, March 2013–Feb 2014; REDBOOK subscriber study, March–April 2014; Base: total (896)

Road & Track

Road & Track is THE brand for the pure car enthusiast, celebrating modern car culture through vibrant storytelling, sharp style and seasoned wit.

Its content focuses on performance-oriented vehicles that are, above all, fun to drive, as well as the latest in design news and coverage of the vintage car scene and motorsports. All of which are presented in long-form features that are entertaining and beautifully designed to inspire the passion of car lovers.

Road & Track creates unique content across print, video, web and mobile sites, apps and digital products in ways that engage users and invite them to interact with our editors and other enthusiasts.

Life for the Driven

Rate Base 600,000
Subscription 571,208
Newsstand 40,040
Median Age 45
Median HHI $81,634

Sources: AAM Dec 2013, IPSOS 2013


Seventeen is the champion of Girl Power, reflecting the definitions and ideals of each new generation.

For 70 years, our mission has been to boost young women— to build their confidence, to support their ambition and to evolve along with them.

Seventeen is there to help her: to look and to feel her best, to get ahead in the world and to give back to it. We get her ready for college, for her date on Saturday and for the launch of her online business. Our iconic brand continues to expand in new ways and onto new platforms, evolving with the interests, habits and needs of our readers, users and followers. We deliver the important info, stunning visuals and Girl Power that they demand…every day!

Girl Power

Rate Base 2,000,000
Subscription 1,852,523
Newsstand 169,269
Median Age 16.4
Median HHI $68,222

Sources: AAM Dec 2013; MRI Teenmark 2013, Base: Female 12–19

Town & Country

Town & Country celebrates accomplished individuals who give back to the world, and do it with style. We inspire modern-day connoisseurs of fashion, beauty, travel, art, design, fine jewelry, culture and philanthropy at the highest level, keeping them connected to a life well lived and to one another.

Town & Country is the authority on high fashion and high culture—always with a uniquely sophisticated sensibility. We are the most trusted source of information on matters of taste, elegance and wit.

Town & Country defines a language of luxury and a visual vocabulary for what it means to live well today—in print, online and through one-of-a-kind events. We are the leading voice on ultimate access, refined living and enduring contributions to society.

Celebrating Life at its Richest

Rate Base 475,000
Subscription 447,000
Newsstand 38,886
Median Age 54.9
Median HHI $156,833

Sources: AAM June 2014; Ipsos 2013


VERANDA is not only a treasured shelter magazine but also a multi-platform lifestyle brand for affluent readers. The magazine illustrates and inspires living well through the lens of the home.

VERANDA readers are on a quest for the very best, and the magazine is unparalled in its commitment to luxury living and delivering the finest in home decoration, style, jewelry, travel, culture and more.”

—Clinton Smith , Editor in Chief

Rate Base 460,000
Subscription 386,650
Newsstand 90,373
Median Age 56.2
Median HHI $154,043

Sources: Aam June 2014; Ipsos Affluent Survey 2013

Woman’s Day

Woman’s Day is an indispensable resource to our audience of 20 million. Whether in-book, online, via mobile or through social platforms, it provides inspiring insight and fresh ideas on how to get the most out of everything. The brand speaks to her values and focuses on what’s important. It empowers her with smart solutions for her core concerns—health, home, food, style and money—and celebrates the connections she cherishes with family, friends and community.

Woman’s Day gives its loyal audience the actionable tools and relatable inspiration they need to lead a vibrant, healthy and satisfying life.

Rate Base 3,250,000
Subscription 2,929,947
Newsstand 358,388
Median Age 56.0
Median HHI $58,493

Sources: AAM June 2014; 2014 comScore/Gfk MRI Media Mmx Fusion (5-14/S 14); Gfk MRI Spring 2014