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90 million individuals
77 million households
67% of all U.S. households


17MM of these individuals have an active subscription relationship with Hearst Magazines’ print products. In addition, 8MM individuals (and growing) have an active and marketing-authorized email relationship with Hearst Magazines. Through the database, Hearst can help you know your
customers on a one-to-one level, direct-market to a specific target, tailor
your advertising message and find new prospects. The Hearst Database provides advertisers with a  comprehensive picture of the   demographic and lifestyle characteristics of their   target.  That information can be used to:

Model current customers for targeting and audience expansion, and identify lifestyle characteristics—including Experian’s Mosaic segmentation system

Add to existing information of customers and prospects

Assess overlap/matches between customer files

Target advertising messages across channels

  • Customize ads in print through our Project Match program
  • Target customers via email through our Hearst Perks program
  • Reach current and former print subscribers online through our Match 360 program and measure ad effectiveness (where advertiser can provide response data)