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Integrated Case Studies

P&G   USPS   General Motors   Revlon  

P&G Worldwide Wow

Hearst designed this integrated global program to inspire Procter & Gamble’s consumers with beauty looks from around the world. Seasonal installments showcased hair, makeup and skin trends from Hearst experts in every corner of the globe, showing readers how to achieve trend-based looks by using P&G products. Special units included a custom-created editorial page on the theme of “International Beauty Trends,” aligning with custom-created advertising content created in the Hearst studios with top beauty photographers and models. Copy and photography were targeted to the particular readers of each participating magazine and this content was made available to P&G for use in retail promotion. Custom digital components included a native “Global Beauty” trend collage on featured Hearst sites, a bespoke digitorial unit and a homepage takeover H-unit, mobile units and run-of-network media.


Hearst created a custom program for USPS designed to promote the relaunch of USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping, showcase USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping as easier, simpler and more affordable than other carriers and emphasize the idea of “sending/receiving joy.” The program included an exciting first-to-market promotion offering Hearst audiences the opportunity to receive a free “Box of Joy”—a package of curated products delivered to the recipients’ doorsteps in a USPS Flat Rate box. Custom print creative featured designer Tracy Reese, and how she enjoys the simple pleasure of USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping. USPS Priority Flat Rate shipping and the “Box of Joy” offer were additionally promoted via a robust digital campaign including custom videos, native content integration, flipbooks and innovative homepage takeovers. Custom video content gave audiences a look at how Tracy Reese benefits from USPS Priority Flat Rate Shipping in her daily life and during the holidays.

General Motors

Hearst created an entire creative and strategic platform for four Chevrolet models, drawing on rich consumer and expert insights from our editorial and research teams to determine content, media mix, flighting, KPIs and more. The core of the approach began with contributions from Hearst’s category-leading “Enthusiast” brands, Car and Driver and Road & Track, creating a baseline of authority and connoisseurship. Content from these titles then populated database-targeted platforms across Hearst’s “Lifestyle” portfolio, reaching the broader public and speaking directly to their specific automotive needs and challenges. Video, social media, high-impact print units, native content modules and more allowed this content to reach and directly influence in-market consumers, leading to measurable results.


Developed by Hearst for Revlon, #GoBOLD celebrated fabulous and fashionable women who have achieved success, while also following real women who are on the cusp of breaking through to the next level. A sustained online video content series, produced by Mark Burnett’s One Three Media and distributed across Hearst platforms, profiled famous New Provocateurs (including Hearst editors and other celebrities) who mentor three real women, each representing different facets of the Revlon target consumer. A series of challenges, judged by consumer vote, led to one participant’s winning a grand prize. Wide promotion included native content units, social posts, in-magazine custom content units, and targeted video extension and distribution on Hearst social hubs and via high-impact rich media units, video takeovers, and more.